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Language Week

April 21, 2018

The students of 5LP, 6LP, 6AP and 6CP did various activities during our Language Week celebration. 

Each group was given a type of poem. The 5LP group worked on a Cluster poem, 6LP on a Me in 3 poem, 6AP on a Cinquain poem and 6CP on a Diamente poem. Instead of using words to create their poems, they used emojis. 

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the students had their spelling bee. Our spelling bee winner from 6AP was Luka Torres Rodríguez and our winner from 6CP was Minelix Soto Quiñones. 

On Thursday and Friday, the students of 5LP and 6LP had a lot of fun during their dictionary contest. Our winner from 5LP-1 was John Coto Escalona and our winner from 5LP-2 was Armando Chaar Quiñones. Our dictionary contest winner from 6LP was Joseph Félix Castro. 

Overall, it was a fun,creative and exciting week for our students. 

Teacher: Miss Astrid Esquilín



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