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Happy New Year 2017

January 16, 2017

 In celebration of the first day back from winter break, the students from 4LP, 5th, 5LP, 6LP, 6AP, and 6CP had a New Year’s Eve celebration during English class. Miss Astrid placed a countdown on the classroom’s projector and the students counted down for the new year!


After the celebration was over, the students were asked what a “resolution” meant to them and the various types of resolutions people make. Then, we read two stories that had to do with a character that tries to make her new years resolution and another character that decides on a one word challenge. We later compared and contrasted both stories.


In the end, each grade was given different writing/craft assignments. Students wrote different goals they want to achieve before school or 2017 ends. Students wrote from working hard so they can get good grades, to eating healthy and improving their behavior.


-Teacher: Miss Astrid Esquilín


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